Organic Marseille Olive Dish Soap Bar

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Organic Marseille Olive Dish Soap Bar
Organic Marseille Olive Dish Soap Bar

Marseille Organic Dish Soap Bar. An alternative to plastic bottles of Washing-Up Liquid. Marseille Dish Soap Bar is a natural all-purpose palm oil-free cleaning soap. It is the perfect size for washing up but also it is very versatile - use to wash laundry, washing dishes, body wash, shaving soap, insecticide, stain remover, general household cleaning, as well as being an indispensable travel companion. With added bicarbonate of soda.

Marseille soap can be used as a shower gel, shampoo or shaving soap.

Its gentle formula soothes irritations and allergies and can help in many cases of eczema or psoriasis when used as a shower soap.  You can grate a cup of Marseilles soap in hot water to clean your jewellery and even use it to soothe insect bites and sunburnt skin.   

Made in Marseille, France. Gentle to the environment but tough on grime.  It has a strong smell, but it's pure and it won't linger once used.  

Plastic-free, biodegradable and vegan dish soap bar. Great for cleaning dishes, surfaces or laundry! Containing pure organic coconut and olive oil.

70% Organic Olive Oil, 30% Organic coconut oil, bicarbonate of soda, sea salt - approved by ECOCERT

A 200g solid bar.

No packaging

For more ideas and top ways to use your Marseille soap, read this blogpost

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